Of Course Spanish – Terms & Conditions (T&C) for the provision of private tuition

Scheduling of private/in-house training lessons

The initial timetable for tuition will be arranged between the Course Coordinator for Of Course Spanish (“the school”) and the client student/company. Subsequent variations to this timetable may be made between the tutor and student.

An agreed number of lessons/hours is to be agreed to in advance of any lessons commencing, and this number constitutes what is termed a ‘block’ of lessons in this document.

If required, a single trial lesson may be provided in advance of the first ‘block’. This is to offer the student/company the opportunity to approve the tutor provided. If the tutor is approved, no further trial lessons will be provided. If the tutor is not approved, and the student/company wishes to try a different teacher, a further trial lesson can be provided. No more than two trial lessons in total will be available.

Fees & Payment
Where a single first 'trial' lesson has been agreed to, this is to be paid for in advance.
Subsequent to a trial lesson, the agreed ‘block’ of lessons must be paid for in full (cleared funds) prior to any lessons commencing.
Subsequent ‘blocks’ of tuition can be arranged once the initial block has been completed on the same basis.
Unless otherwise agreed, each lesson will be of 1.5 hours minimum duration to mitigate the tutor's travelling time.

NOTE: Prices include the tutor's travel expenses within London Zone 1 for travel during off- peak hours.
If you require tuition in Zones 2+ or outside the London travel zones, and/or the tutor has to travel during peak hours, please notify us of this and we will be happy to quote an amended rate if necessary.
Most tutors travel to and from the lessons by public transport, so if the lesson location is some distance from the nearest underground or train station, please also notify us of this so we can discuss additional travel arrangements and/or costs.  This is not usually an issue in the Central London area.

Payment may be made using any of the following methods:

By bank transfer to:
Language Courses Direct
Account number: 25394932
Sort code: 60-24-77

By debit or credit card on our website by going to the following link:
http://www.ofcoursespanish.com/pay_online.php?course=pr where the tuition level should be selected, the fee amount entered, and then the payment process followed through.

Refunds for private tuition for part or all of the scheduled lessons are at the sole discretion of the school.  In the event a refund is given, it will be subject to the following conditions:

  1. An administration charge of £25 will be applied.  This charge is to cover the time spent by the school in arranging the course of private tuition, processing refunds and any unspecified sundry expenses.

  2. If a discounted rate has been applied to the current ‘block’ of lessons, related to the number of hours being taught, and a refund affects the rate charged for the number of hours completed, then the refund amount will be adjusted to reflect this.  Please refer to the following example to clarify this point:

    1. For example, if the normal rate for private tuition is £42 p.h., and a discount to £40 p.h. is offered for ‘blocks’ of over 15 hours.
    2. The student/company decide to book a ‘block’ of 20 hours and therefore pays £40 x 20 = £800
    3. A refund of 10 hours (half the number booked) is subsequently requested, and the school agrees to this.
    4. The student will therefore only have completed 10 hours which would normally have been charged at £42 p.h. (totalling £420) and therefore the refunded amount will be £380 (£800 - £420), less the £25 administration charge, so the net refund in this example would be £355.

NOTE: The rates above are for illustrative purposes only. Any actual rates & discounts for tuition will be agreed upon prior to lessons commencing.

Cancellations by the student
A lesson that is cancelled with 24 hours' or less will be deemed a "Late Cancellation" and will be chargeable as if the lesson had taken place. Cancellations made with more than 24 hours’ notice will not be chargeable.

In the event of a late cancellation, as long as the tutor has not started their journey to the class, the cancellation charge will be limited to 1 hour at the prevailing hourly rate the student is paying at the time.  If the tutor has already started their journey, the full lesson will be charged at the prevailing hourly rate.

In the event that a lesson has been cancelled, every effort will be made to re-schedule the lesson at a convenient time for the student and the tutor.

Cancellations by the tutor
If the tutor has to cancel a lesson for any reason they will endeavour to notify the student in a timely manner to minimise any inconvenience to the student. Lessons cancelled by a tutor are not chargeable under any circumstances.

Tutors' contracts
To protect our investment in time and funds in acquiring students for the school, the tutors provided by Of Course Spanish have a contractual agreement with the school whereby they agree not to work independently for any of the individuals or companies introduced to them by either by the school or by an individual or company for whom they have been providing tuition on behalf of the school. This agreement also provides for Of Course Spanish to recover any funds paid directly to the tutor by the student/company, without deduction, should there be a breach of this agreement.

We ask, therefore, that students do not approach tutors to provide them with tuition independently of Of Course Spanish, so as not to compromise their relationship with us.

Variations to these Terms and Conditions
Variations to the above T&C may be made in certain situations.  In this event, the variations must be agreed to in writing (email is sufficient) by both the school and the student/company and will be binding.

I confirm that I have read the above Terms & Conditions and agree to them